Key Concepts

ApiRTC implements a model to manage the whole lifecycle of real-time communications.


Get your API key from the ApiRTC console

One apiKey is associated with one Enterprise. The apiKey is a simple md5-formatted string that identifies a client application without any principal user. It is useful for accessing the APIs and monitoring ApiRTC usage.


An Enterprise is an entity associated with your account.

ApiRTC allows the creation of nested/child Enterprises, each one having its own apiKey. This is useful to isolate the quota and billing of different projects.

Enterprise management can be done through the ApiRTC console.


Users' authentication and authorization can be managed by the ApiRTC platform or by your own servers.

If you choose to rely on user management done through the ApiRTC platform:

  • Create, update, and remove users through the ApiRTC console or via the REST API endpoint

  • Implement user authentication in your web app and differentiate functional scope depending on the users


A Conversation is a way to make individuals communicate with each other.

ApiRTC enables chatting, watching, listening and/or sharing real-time audio, video, data, screen, and many associated features to help share information.

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