Where to find ApiRTC library?

NPM Package manager

If you develop in the NodeJS ecosystem, you can use the NPM packet manager.

  1. Open a terminal or command line interface

  2. Go to your project folder cd my_project_folder

  3. Install the latest ApiRTC library in your node_module folder:

npm install @apirtc/apirtc

To install a specific version of ApiRTC, add the version tag at the end.

For example, using the version 4.6.1 would be:

npm install @apirtc/apirtc@4.6.1

CDN - Direct access via URL

Latest and adviced ApiRTC version is available at https://cdn.apirtc.com/apiRTC/apiRTC-latest.min.js

Choose the latest ApiRTC version based on a minor release, for example the latest patched 4.6 would live at https://cdn.apirtc.com/apiRTC/v4.6/apiRTC-latest.min.js.

Choose a precise version by providing the full version code. For example the v5.0.13 would live at https://cdn.apirtc.com/apiRTC/v5.0/apiRTC-5.0.13.min.js.


👉 Get details about the previous releases in the changelog file

What to do next?

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