What is ApiRTC?

ApiRTC helps to quickly build communication applications, from simple video chat to rich media interaction.

ApiRTC is a platform that enables developers to easily add real-time video chat functionality to their applications using APIs and client-side SDKs.

It provides the necessary infrastructure for signaling, media processing, and media delivery to enable real-time communications based on the WebRTC standard protocol. ApiRTC also offers global STUN/TURN relays, media services for one-to-one calls or large group conferences and recording, and the ability to customize, troubleshoot, and optimize video applications using a range of tools.

Media exchange can occur either directly peer-to-peer or through ApiRTC's servers, depending on the chosen Video Room type. Signaling is managed through ApiRTC's global infrastructure to facilitate the setup, control, and termination of RTC sessions.

Where to start with ApiRTC?

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