Demo App & Resources

Fully-functional demo app to get an overview of all the features
Before playing with any demo, make sure you have a registrered user account on the ApiRTC Console.

The Demo App

The ApiRTC demo web application is based on
Angular and demonstrates the features of the ApiRTC
javascript library.
The user interface is designed as a step-by-step process, putting one API method behind every button.
Check the running webapp and its full source code on GitHub.
Feel free to use this demo as an example to develop your own ApiRTC web app.
The fully-featured ApiRTC demo app

Code Examples

Find all the demos on the dedicated github repo.
Create multi-party conversation with audio and video
Device selection
Establish multi-party conversation and select your media devices
Active speaker
Conversation with QoS Monitoring and active speaker detection
Media muting and screen sharing
Learn how to mute your local audio/video streams and share your screen in a conversation
Exchange chat messages between all users in a conversation
Learn how to start a multi-party whiteboard on a conversation
Whiteboard invite
Learn how to start a Whiteboard and invite users
Advanced streams selection/pub/sub
Learn how to select streams and media type on publish and subscribe
Learn how to join / leave a conversation
Feel free to raise issue on the GitHub repo if needed.