ApiRTC helps to quickly build communication applications, from simple chat to rich media sharing.

Build your own frontend application

Web JSAngularAngularReactReactVueVue

ApiRTC Javascript API can be integrated in your vanilla HTML/javascript or into any modern web application framework.

Mobile AndroidiOSIonic

ApiRTC Android and iOS SDK let you develop native mobile apps.

ApiRTC supports web-to-mobile using frameworks such as Ionic.

Desktop Electron

ApiRTC also supports web-to-desktop using frameworks such as Electron.

Interact with ApiRTC platform


Control the ApiRTC platform:

  • Provisioning,
  • Access Services,
  • Get statistics.

Web Hooks

Get your backend notified of various events on the ApiRTC platform. WebHook

ApiRTC provides infrastructure to make communication applications scale


Built on top of  WebRTC WebRTC open_in_new, ApiRTC fills the gaps: