User Agent tutorial

User Agent is the starting point of apiRTC and enables you to manage several important aspects such as :

User Agent creation and Registration

ApiRTC offers two user management possibilities :

External users management : Manage users on your side

In this case, you manage the users database and use our services to manage presence and communication establishment. Users are only known as an identifier on our side and you manage other parameters such as Identity, photos ...

Integrated users management : Manage users on Apizee Cloud

Using our User Management Systems will enables you to simplify WebRTC integration and enrich features possibility :

Check our tutorials about registration :

Registration : external user management

Users are not managed by Apizee

Registration with integrated users management

Users are managed on Apizee Cloud

User Agent : Media Devices Management

Get User Agent Media Devices

User Agent media devices can easily be retrieved by getUserMediaDevices() method.

You will get MediaDeviceList object.

    var mediaDevices = ua.getUserMediaDevices();
    console.log("getUserMediaDevices :", mediaDevices);
    //do something with MediaDeviceList;

User Agent : Stream Management

Check our different tutorials about stream management, you can for instance, easily select the media device to start a new stream, start a stream from you screen or record a stream localy :

Select Media

This demo teaches you how to select a media device to start a stream


Learn how to use screen display for communication

Stream Record

This demo teaches you how to locally record a stream