Change Log



3.18.X - 03/2017 - 04-2018

  • Added checking of apiKey when getting apiCCId from cookie
  • Added supported video codecs on joinSession message for safari
  • Added dataChannelCapable based on browser type
  • Fixed firing of onFileSended event
  • Added mediaId in pushData success callback
  • Added mediaURL in pushData success callback
  • Added pushData to dataChannelConnector
  • Added videoOnly case onremotetrack (firefox)
  • Support presenceGroup and subscribeToPresenceGroup modifications on disconnect / reconnect
  • Added support of WebRTCPlugin for Internet explorer on subscribe
  • Support of IE in conf :
    - modify publish for IE support and WebRTC plugin management
    - modify sendCandidate() for interop with webRTCPlugin on IE and media server
    - start call establishment after webRTCPlugin installation on IE in order to avoid page refresh
  • Added addVideoMedia() to allow video upgrade on an audio call
  • Added localStreamRemoved event
  • Added checking and update of destCallType on processUpdate()
  • Added error management on joinMCUSession()
  • Fixed addStreamInDiv() for IE
  • Fixed checking version Fx >= 52 for screenSharing
  • Added sessionReady event reload on disconnect/connect
  • Added offline whiteboard management (2)

3.17.X - 02-2018

  • Add offline whiteboard management
  • Add modification to manage autoplay issue on iOS
  • Generate callId sooner for call with webRTC Plugin
  • Add apiCC.setVideoFacingModeInConstraint() - MERGE 3.17.4
  • Add setVideoFacingMode() in order to select front or back camera on mobile device - MERGE 3.17.4


3.16.X - 12/2017 - 02-2018

  • Add checkingMutingState when stream is provided on call()
  • Add callConfiguration.muted to add possibility to establish muted calls (VIDEO+AUDIO, VIDEOONLY, AUDIOONLY)
  • Add return status on toggleAudioMute() and toggleVideoMute()
  • Add param updateReason on ConnectedUsersListUpdate Event
  • Fixed bug subscribe audio only on firefox
  • Add function to polyfill startsWith() for IE
  • Add function getMediaDevicesWithCB() and getUserMediaWithCB() for compatibility with IE
  • Add WebRTC API error parameter on userMediaError Event
  • Check userAcceptOnIncomingCallBeforeGetUserMedia on record 1to1 call
  • Change userdata.version by userdata.browser_version
  • Add userdata.browser_major_version
  • Add error event :

3.15.X - 10-11/2017

  • Add receiveMediaDeactivated possibility for unidirectionnal calls
  • Correction to enable camera selection on Edge
  • Edge : set VP8 as prefered codec, if caller is Chrome on Android
  • Added data parameter for startRecording
  • Correction for call reestablishment on React-Native
  • Correction for removeStream on iOS
  • Update publish() & publishScreen call to use new API/ parameters
  • Added undo() and redo() methods to the Whiteboard client

3.14.X - 08-09/2017

  • Correction on logger for Samsung Internet browser
  • Added support for call auto restart when broken by connector
  • Add selectMedia for Safari : iOS
  • Change max allowed userData size to 1000 (instead of 500)
  • ApiRTC compatibility with React.js : first version
  • Compatibility with Edge
  • Improvement on call establishment delay
  • Usage of promise version for setLocalDescription()
  • Usage of promise version for setRemoteDescription()
  • Usage of promise version for addIceCandidate()
  • Usage of promise version for createOffer()
  • Usage of promise version for createAnswer()
  • Add screenSharing support on Firefox

3.13.X - 08/2017

  • Disconnection improvement for conference calls
  • Add streaming on YouTube
  • call stat

3.12.X - 06-07/2017

  • Harmonized the way the whiteboard works on mobile and on desktop
  • Added stream optionnal parameter to updateMediaOnCall()
  • Added webRTCClient.getStatsFromCall()
  • Added .setFocusOnDrawing() method to Whiteboard object
  • Start Safari v11 support (macOS)
  • Add support for Mobile Safari - safari v10 (iOS)

3.11.X - 05-06/2017

  • Add callConfiguration on publish() & publishScreen() with audioOnly, record & private parameters
  • Add posibility to select captureSourceType for publishScreen
  • Fixed bug when listenToAudioSources() was called too many times
  • CommonJs compliancy
  • Change screenSharing resolution : removing limits

3.10.X - 04-05/2017

  • Correction on device selection on getUserMedia - Firefox
  • WebRTC API update (addStream - onAddStream deprecated) : Firefox
  • WebRTC API update : Edge support ongoin
  • Add event remoteStreamRemoved
  • Add function updateMediaDeviceOnCall in order to allow device change during call
  • Add event userMediaStop

3.9.X - 02-04/2017

  • Add setPreferH264Codec()
  • Add possibility to add data on call(), publish(), subscribe(), publishScreen() and to retrieve data on call CDR
  • Subscribe() : replace audioOnly parameter by mediaType
  • Subscribe() : add possibility to subscribe in VIDEOONLY
  • Add possibility to add data on sendMessage() and to retrieve data on chat CDR
  • Add possibility to add data on startDataChannel() and to retrieve data on CDR
  • Add userAcceptOnInconmingDataCall

3.8.X - 02/2017

  • Correction for selectMedia on iOS
  • Add Vivaldi support in stopStream
  • Correction : Add possibility to share screen even if user has no mic and no webcam
  • Add publishWithoutMediaDeviceDetected info in userData
  • Added border option to Whiteboard PrintSharedText
  • Add sendInfo message to CCS in order to add routing info in CCS
  • Added cross cursor style and setCursorStyle function

3.7.X - 01/2017

  • Correction for Safari - attachMediaStream
  • Add onSelectedCandidate and createSelectedICECandidateEvent : to get info about selected candidate on calls
  • Added dataClient.sendDataToGroup
  • WebRTCClient.subscribeToStreams now returns calls array
  • Modification on mediaDevice detection error event : add NO_AUDIO_NO_VIDEO_DEVICE
  • Add group filtering on getConnectedUserIdsList
  • Whiteboard mobile : fixed draw elements
  • Add call restarting event
  • Trying call restarting for publish & subscribe on call disconnection
  • Modification of MCURecordingStarted event to add recordType and recordStartTime
  • Add ConversationId on startRecording() to store the recorded file entry on Apizee SMS
  • Add start/stop/record composite and event


3.6.X - 10-12/2016

  • Correction for Safari - attachMediaStream
  • Whiteboard : Removed cursor div behavior and associated functions
  • Whiteboard : Other users' cursors are now displayed within the canvas
  • Whiteboard : Cursor color can now be set
  • Whiteboard : deleteHistory now immediatly sends an update to peers
  • Add setPreferVP9Codec method
  • Whiteboard : show erase area when selecting erase tool
  • Bandwidth testing : fixed rating thresholds
  • Change disconnection timer value
  • Add ice restart after network change to keep established calls on P2P calls
  • Add disconnectionWarning before complete call hangup on ice disconnection
  • Whiteboard : Show object "ghosts" while drawing them (arrow, rect, ellipse)
  • Whiteboard : added possibility for canvas or cursors div to be null and set on the fly
  • Zoom and offset management on Whiteboard

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